Material for Dr. Donovan’s Courses


Winter 2024 Semester


Dr. Donovan's Contact Information is:



The Science Bldg. 2517

Office Phone


(906) 227 – 2453

Email Address


Dr. Donovan's office hours for Winter 2024 Will be done both Face to Face and Via Zoom


Dr. Donovan's Face to Face office hours (2517 The Science Building)


M, R, F


10:00 – 10:50 AM




  3:00 –   3:50 PM



Dr. Donovan's Zoom office hours




Dr. Donovan's Office Hours Zoom Link for Winter 2024


T, W


10:00 – 10:50 AM



  3:00 –   3:50 PM


Other times may be available by appointment.


Dr. Donovan’s Class and Meeting Schedule for Winter 2024 is:






Winter 2024














8:00 AM






9:00 AM






10:00 AM

Office – F

Office – Z

Office – Z

Office – F

Office – F

11:00 AM

PH 220

PH 220


PH 220

PH 220






General Education

1:00 PM






2:00 PM

Lab Meeting





3:00 PM


Office – F

Deans &

Office – Z

Physics Dept

4:00 PM



Dept. Head



5:00 PM






6:00 PM






7:00 PM






8:00 PM






9:00 PM








Dr. Donovan’s Courses for Winter 2024


PH 220 – Introductory Physics I

Lecture Meets M T R F 11:00 to 11:50 AM in The Science Bldg. 2902


If the University sends Classes to Remote Learning or if the Professor is unable to be physically present, The link below is for Zooming PH 220 Lectures.  Note:  This will not be used if Classes are meeting normal in Face To Face mode.  Also Note:  you must use NMU Credentials to login to the Zoom Meeting




General Documents and Forms Used Throughout the Physics Department


Astronomy Picture of The Day


Software Used Throughout the Physics Department


Printer Drivers

To install these printers:

Select the room you wish to install the drivers for and save the zip file.


Extract all the files from the zip file to a folder on your desktop.  For most if you select the desktop as the destination when extracting a folder should be created with a name of the Room.  For example the first one should create a folder named Room_2603.


Go into the folder and “Right-Click” on the Kickoff file and select the “Run as Administrator” option.  Note:  if you just double click on the file you will get an error message reminding you to run as an administrator.


You will get a message asking if you want to allow the program to run.  Allow the program to run.


The program will now run and it may take several minutes, Possibly 5 or even 10 minutes to complete.  Please be patient.


When it is completed a message saying printers installed will display.  Select ok and the message boxes should go away.


Check your computers Printers and Devices and you should find the requested printers now exist.


Please do not make any Physics Printers your “Default” printer.  You are to use these printers for Physic Course Related Work ONLY!


Please note these are Windows Drivers, for Apple Computers please ask your instructor for additional aid.  If you have any difficulties getting the printers installed consult your instructor



Other Software Packages



Dr. Donovan's Main Web Page


NMU Physics Department Web Page


NMU Main Page


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